H.S English Suggestion 2024 Full

H.S English Suggestion 2024 [WBCHSE]

H.S English Suggestion 2024 has been published by us on our website for the students of higher secondary level. If you read the suggestion and practised the questions and prepared yourselves, you will get the questions in the exam. H.S English Suggestion 2024

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Important notes for the students

We have prepared an important H.S 2024 English Suggestion based on several previous year’s question patterns for the final exam. The students who will appear in the exam hall in 2024, they have to study many questions. Prepare yourself to practice the suggestion and appear in the exam hall. Be very glad to get the common questions and do the best result.

West Bengal 2024 Exam Routine

WBCHSE has declared the date of the coming 2024 exam.

H.S English Suggestion 2024

Prose “Three Questions” Suggestion 2024
  • What is the theme of the story “Three Questions”?
  • Justify the title of the story “Three Questions”.
  • Sketch the character of the hermit.
  • Sketch the character of the Tsar.
  • What is the moral of the short story “Three Questions”?
  • What were the three questions?
  • How did the Tsar get the answer of the three questions? (By Hermit)
  • What did the learned men answer the three questions?
  • How did the enemy of the Tsar become his friend?
  • Describe the episode of the wounded man.

“Forgive me, said the bearded man …… “

“You have already been answered!”

“Now rest a while — and let me work a bit.”

“Here comes someone running.”

Prose “The Eyes Have It” Suggestion 2024 
  • Sketch the character of the girl.
  • Sketch the character of the narrator.
  • Justify the title ”The Eyes Have It”.
  • Describe the scene of Mussorie in October.
  • “She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use to her”——
  • “She was completely blind.”
  • “She would forget our brief encounter.”
  • “The voice had the sparkle of mountain stream.”
  • “Then I made a mistake.”
  • “That always happens”
Poem “The Poetry of Earth” Suggestion 2024
  1. Write the substance/ theme/ gist/ of the poem “The Poetry of Earth”.
  2. Justify the title of the poem “The Poetry of Earth”.
  3. Assess “The Poetry of Earth” is a sonnet.
  4. Poet’s attitude towards nature.
  5. Picture of summer and winter
  6. The poetry of earth is never dead. Or the poetry of earth is ceasing never.
  7. “A voice will run”
  8. “He takes the lead.”
  9. “He has never done with his delight.”
  10. “He rests at ease”
  11. “…….. When the frost has wrought a silence”
  12. “When all the birds are faint ………”
  13. Identify the voices of poetry in the poem.

How does Keats establish continuity through the voices?

  1. “……… and seems to one in drowsiness half lost.”


Poem “Asleep In The Valley” Suggestion 2024
  1. Write the substance/ theme/ gist/ of the poem “Asleep In The Valley”.
  2. Justify the title of the poem “Asleep In The Valley”.
  3. Central idea
  4. Attitude to war/ pity of war/ tragedy of war/ anti-war poem
  5. Picture of sleeping soldier
  6. Description of the beauty of the valley
  7. “His feet among the flowers, he sleeps”
  8. “Ah, Nature keep him worm.”
  9. “The humming insect don’t disturb his rest.”
  10. “His smile is like an infant’s”
  11. “In his side, there are two red holes.”
  12. “They fill the hollow full of light”.
  13. Pale in his worm, green sun-soaked bed
  14. Rambaud’s treatment of nature
  15. A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed


Poem “Shall I Compare Thee” Suggestion 2024
  1. Write the substance/ theme/ gist/ of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee”.
  2. Justify the title of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee”.
  3. Central idea
  4. Comparison between his beloved friend and a summer’s day
  5. Every fair from fair sometimes declines
  6. Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade
  7. So long lives this, and this gives life to thee
  8. What are the striking qualities of the poet’s friend?
  9. Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines
  10. But thy eternal summer shall not fade
  11. How does the poet describe a summer’s day
  12. What do the rough winds do?
  13. “When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st”

Drama/ Play “The Proposal” Suggestion 2024

Welcome my dear students to my digitalenglish blog. Your final exam is knocking at the door. So I have made a perfect suggestion about the play “The Proposal” that is included in your English syllabus under WBCHSE. I have given some important questions as well as every year. From my teaching experience for ten years long time, I hope you will get the questions on the question paper in the exam hall.  All the students know that your syllabus has been reduced due to covid pandemic. Therefore I have increased the number of questions in the suggestion.

Important Questions

  1. What is the theme/ gist/ substance of the play “The Proposal”? ***
  2. Write a note on the significance of the title of the play proposal/ Justify the title of the play. ***
  3. Describe the play “The Proposal” as a one-act play.***
  4. Is the play the proposal a farce? -Justify your answer with close reference to the text.***
  5. Sketch the character of Chubukov in the play “The Proposal”. Or is Chubukov a sensible father how do you know?
  6. Sketch the character of Natalya in the play “The Proposal”.
  7. Write a brief description of the picture of social life as you find in “The Proposal”.
  8. Describe the first quarrel between Nataliya and Lomov.
  9. Describe the quarrel over the hunting dogs.
  10. What message does Chekhov of want to convey through the play?

Besides these questions, you may get quoted line from the drama “The Proposal” as a question.  I have given below some quoted lines with questions for the purpose of the students.

  1. Oh, What a burden, Lod to be the father of a grown-up daughter! ***
  2. “He is dead”- who said this? To whom is it said? State the immediate situation. ***
  3. “Hurry up and get married.” Or “She is willing.”- Who’s this? To whom does the speaker say this? What is followed by this and why? **
  4. “He is alive…. yes, yes I am willing…” Who is he? Who is there a doubt about the person being alive or not? **
  5. “You are not a neighbour, you are a grammar.” Who said this and to whom? why is this said? ***
  6. I am not used to be spoken to in that tone of voice. – Who said this and to whom? When is it said? Why is it said?
  7. “I… I’m happy too” – who says this? When does the speaker say so? why is the speaker happy? Explain the speaker’s happiness.
  8. “I shall try to be brief.” —–Who is the speaker? is the speaker successful in his/ her purpose? Bring out the irony of the situation.


H.S English Unseen Suggestion 2024

Practice the unseen from the question bank and test papers.


H.S English Writing Skill Suggestion 2024 [WBCHSE]

H.S 2024 English Writing Skill

There are only three types of writing skills in our syllabus under W.B.C.H.S.E.

  1. Report Writing
  2. Formal and Official Letter Writing
  3. Precis Writing

Only ten marks are for writing skills. The report, letter, and précis writing are in the writing section. But the students have to give an answer to only one question from the three parts. 

Important Report Writing for 2024
  1. Programme/ Celebration/ Function report writing format [I have made a magical report writing format on the topic.] Click here. 
  2. Coronavirus [Covid-19] attack on the world/ India Click here.
  3. Seminar on novel coronavirus /mask and sanitiser distribution camp  Click here………
  4. Malaria /Dengue awareness camp
  5. Inter-school debate competition
  6. One-week programme clean up the classroom, school premises and its surroundings
  7. Annual prize distribution ceremony of your school
  8. Kanyashree Divas
  9. Road safety awareness/ Traffic safety week/ safe drive save life
  10. A blood donation camp
  11. Farewell ceremony of a teacher
  12. Sabuj sathi praklapa (Cycle Distribution)
  13. Rabindra Jayanti
  14. Educational excursion
  15. Magic show

Formal And Official Letter Writing

There are various kinds of letter writing. But the editor letter, letter to the headmaster, business letter, complaint letter, and banking letter are included. In several previous years, letter-writing from those categories had been given in the question papers. So the students should read, follow and practice the letter for the 2024 English exam.

Importante Editor Letter
  1. Editorial Letter writing format all in all Click here.
  2. Letter to the editor of an English newspaper to express your concern about using masks and maintaining social distance outside the home.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of an English daily expressing your concern over the price hike of diesel, and petroleum oil. click here……….
  4. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper drawing the attention of the government over the high rise in the price of essential commodities. Click here……….
  5. Letter to the editor of an English newspaper drawing the attention of the government over cyber-crime that has become a daily deadline nowadays.
  6. A letter to the editor of a newspaper to bring the attention of the government to the bad condition of hospitals amid the pandemic covid-19 in your locality.
  7. Regular removal of garbage and disinfection of the locality
  8. Indiscriminate use of loudspeakers and microphones or DJ
  9. Increasing unemployment is looming large in the mind of youth in your locality among your classmate.

Complaint Letter
  • Write a complaint letter to the municipality chairman to sanitize the locality.
  • Write a complaint letter to the O.C about the increasing antisocial activities in your locality.
  • Lose of the mobile phone / bi-cycle/ Aadhar Card and so on.
Banking  Letter
Application/Letter To The Headmaster
  • Write a letter to the Headmaster/ Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to arrange potable water on the school campus. All in one format click here
  • Appeal for arranging special classes
  • Appeal for conducting Mock Test
  • Prayer for promoting online education system in school
Business Letter 
  • Suppose you are the owner of XYZ stores. Place an order for cell phones.
  •  Write a letter to the manager of the company cancelling an order for undue delay.
  • Complaining against wrong delivery or defective delivery

WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2024 :

Preview the complete writing suggestion. If you need a text, you can join our telegram group. I have given the telegram link at the top of the post.

We may change the topics before  H.S 2024 exam in our suggestion. 

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