Write a paragraph on “SABUJ SATHI PRAKALPA” with PDF for all classes

SABUJ SATHI PRAKALPA Mamata Banarjee, the honorable chief minister of west Bengal has lunched the noble project of Sabujh Sathi. “Sabujh Sathi” – ‘sabuj’ in Bengali means green that implies children and ‘sathi’ means companion. The scheme covers all students of the state including boys and girls from 9th to 12th class. The purpose of […]

Write report on all type storm with one format for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S

Report writing about cyclone/amphan/storm all in one format for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S [WRITE A HEADING (in capital letter)] By name/xyz Kolkata, May 28:  A devastating [Name of the storm] struck the vast area of [Name of the affected place]   yesterday at about [Time].The wind was blowing [Measure of speed] km. per hour. […]


AUTUMN I am Autumn. I come after the rains. The months in which I come is basically September and go back at the end of November. I make the blue sky bathed in the sunshine. At night I make the sky filled with countless stars. The silver moon shines among them.  I decorate beauty of […]

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