Letter to your brother to avoid junk food

Digital English has presented a letter to your brother to avoid junk food. This is for the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. At first, I have written the question. I hope you may get a question on the question paper like this type in the exam hall.

Question: Write a letter to your brother advising him to avoid junk food.

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Radha Nagar


July 21, 2019

My dear Rahul,

I learned from my father’s letter that your health is growing from bad to worse day by day. I really got worried about you as I know that you are very fond of junk food. Though they taste very good they are very harmful to our health. I would suggest you take more and more green vegetables and salad. Because it is very nutritious and helps you to lose your excessive fat. If you observe these suggestions, your health will improve in a short time.

I hope you will start following my suggestions and take care of your health.

yours affectionately

Elder brother

Rahul Chakraborty

Damodar pur  

Cooch Behar

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