This post is about a report on a daring bank robbery and dacoity. If you read the article you can understand the writing and get a neat idea about the report.

Question: Write a report on a daring bank robbery in about 150 words.

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By the staff reporter

MALDA, March 06: A daring bank robbery took place in the Central Bank of India, Makdumpur Branch P.O- Makdumpur at Malda. A gang of robbers entered the bank at about 12 noon in the form of customers. All of a sudden, one of them requested the Branch Manager to talk to him personally. He was allowed to enter the chamber of the manager after half an hour. He took a revolver from his bag which was on his back. 

a daring bank robbery and dacotiy

Then he threatened him not to shout at all, otherwise, he would be dead. In the meantime, other miscreants did everything positive on their parts like threatening the cashier and all the rest. They looted RS. 8,00000 (Eight Lac) and left the place immediately. While leaving the bank tear gas was thrown into the air. As a consequence, the bank staff and those present in the bank could not notice. Later when everything was visible the case was reported to the police. The police rushed to the spot. No one was arrested so far.

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Beldanga, April 21: A daring bank robbery took place in the Bank of India, Beldanga Branch at around 3:30. According to the security guard, they entered the bank one by one. The former was talking with the manager about fix the deposit. Another two inattentive the security guard. At that time and day, very few customers were in the bank. As per a customer, three fellows suddenly entered the bank after a few seconds of the former. They wore masks. They locked the main gate and fired on the leg of bank staff.  The former put the manager and the security guard at gunpoint and gathered all the customers and the staff in one place. One forced the manager to open the vault. According to the bank manager, they looted Rs. 20 lac and some ornaments. When they left the bank they fired and thrown tear gas into the air. Then someone called the police station to inform the news. The wounded bank staff was taken to a nearby hospital. Beldanga police station is probing the matter. According to the chief investigating officer Bikram Sinha, the robbers made a planned well. Police are checking all the available CCTV footage and hoping to catch those robbers and rescue the looted money.


Question: Write a newspaper report (in about 100 words) on a daring bank robbery using the following points.


Name of the bank: State Bank of India

Location: Satragachi, South 24 Pargana

Date and time: 14th June 2018, 1 p.m.

Mode of robbery: Five young men armed with revolvers – on motorbikes-no sentry at the gate – rushing into the Bank threatening customer and staff- telephone lines disconnected- looted about Rs. 4 lakhs from the cash vault- escaping safely by bolting the door from outside.

Measure: police on the spot after an hour investigation going on- no arrest as yet.

This report writing is perfect for madhyamik about a daring bank robbery. The words limited have been maintained and sentences are very simple.


By a staff reporter

South 24 Pargana, 15 June: A daring bank robbery took place in the State Bank of India, at Satragachi. Five young men came on motorbikes. They entered the bank at about 1 p.m. with revolvers as the sentry was not at the gate. They threatened the customers and the staff. In the meantime, other miscreants disconnected the telephone lines and forced to open the cash vault. They looted RS. 4,00000 (Four Lac) from the cash vault. They escaped safely by bolting the door from outside. Later they informed the police. The police reached the spot after an hour.  The investigation has been started and they are checking CCTV footage.  No one has been arrested so far.

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