Write a letter advising him to take care of his health

I have written a letter advising my friend to take care of his health. This letter will help the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. At first, I have written the question. I hope you may get the same question on the question paper in the exam hall.

Question: Suppose your brother is not careful of his health and he is very weak. Write a letter advising him to take care of his health.

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Kumar pur


Old Malda

December 05, 2019

Dear Raju,

Mother always tells me that you are getting weak day by day. She is worried about your physical fitness. You sometimes fall ill. She complaints that you do not take your food on time and try to develop your health. You always remember “Health is wealth.” Good health makes the mind sound. If you are weak in a physical way, you will lose interest in the study. So I will advise you to take rich food daily and take physical exercise regularly to improve your health and mind. Good health is the key to success.

I hope that you will be conscious of your health and follow my advice to be healthy in both health and mind. Good health gives us joy and happiness.

Yours loving

  Elder brother

Raju Mukherjee




I think you have got the right information and idea about letter writing to take care of his health. Write a letter of condolence to your friend.

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