Joining with Past Participle

Joining of sentences with past participle

Past Participle means (V-3). Joining is done putting the Past Participle Word before the Noun that will have Past Participle in two or more sentences.

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# The mango is rotten. Throw it through the window.

Throw the rotten mango through the window.

Explanation of the process of joining with past participle:

Notice in the example that “Rotten” is the past participle (V-3) and it is related to Mango. So the past participle word has been placed before Mango at the time of joining.

More Examples joining with past participle:

# The old man was tired. He wanted a glass of water.

=>The tired old man wanted a glass of water.

# The passengers were injured. The local people had taken them to the nearest hospital.

=> The local people had taken the injured passengers to the nearest hospital.

# The mobile phone is broken. You may exchange it.

=> You may exchange the broken mobile phone.

# The car was destructed. They sold it at a very cheap rate.

=>They sold the destructed car at a very cheap rate.

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