Joining of sentences Using Infinitive

Joining of sentences with “Infinitive

At first, we have to find out the sentence that gives the answer to the question “What purpose” from two or three sentences. And you have to put Infinitive by putting “To” before the main Verb of that sentence. And the subject of the sentence will be the same.

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Examples of joining with infinitive:

# Rabin went to Delhi. He visited the Tajmahal.

=>Rabin went to Delhi to visit the Tajmahal.

Explanation of the example of joining with infinitive:

Notice in the example that if you ask the verb of the first sentence with “what purpose” the second sentence is found as the answer. Joining has been done by putting “To” before the main verb (V-1) of the second sentence. And the subject of the two sentences is the same.

More Examples of Joining of sentences Using Infinitive:

# I have purchased a storybook. I wanted to read it during my railway Journey.

=>I have purchased a storybook to read (it) during my railway journey.

# She speaks the truth. She is not afraid of it.

=>She is not afraid to speak the truth.

# I have promises. I must keep them.

=> I have promises to keep them.

# He came here. He wanted to help me.

=> He came here to help me.

# He was happy. He heard the news.

=> He was happy to hear the news.

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