I am Autumn. I come after the rains. The months in which I come is basically September and go back at the end of November. I make the blue sky bathed in the sunshine. At night I make the sky filled with countless stars. The silver moon shines among them.

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 I decorate beauty of nature by changing color and happening some events. In the morning dews twinkle on the grass like diamonds on the ground. I invite fitful gust that shakes the casement all day and drives away the faded leaves from the mossy elms trees. They spun round by the casement and fall down to lie with other leaves of countless number in lane. I help the small branches of the trees to tremble in the wind till the evening. The chirping of the sparrow reminds the people that spring is not far away and knocking at the door.  I observe that smoke rises from the burning fire inside the cottage and curls up through the bare trees. The cock crows upon the dung-hill. The acorns fall down from the oak tree and the grunting pig scampers to wherever they fall. All the events happen in my present and order. I make the sky looking beautiful. The cloud appears tired of raining. It is weary and old. It drifts across the sky leisurely with its silvery head that looks like a huge mass of cotton. I compelled the pigeons to stay in their nests instead of making flight of long distances. A raven flies by a stray feather from its breast falls upon the grassy land. The earth surface is covered with white ‘Shiuli’ flowers.

I fill the hearts of the people with high sprits and delight bringing the festivals such as Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Id and so on. The rich and the poor, young and old, men and women all share the joy.

When I appear the green fields are filled with paddy. I make the paddy golden and order the farmers to fill their granaries with golden grains. At the time of my departing, people can understand that it is the time for reaping the crops.

I help the people to overcome worries and sorrows of life. Because this is the time for tours and travels.

Finally I am to return for some months. I feel sorrow for nature and people. Some of them love and hate me. But I will come back next year by the calling of nature.


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