Write a notice in english about awareness of covid-19/coronavirus suggestion 2021 With PDF


[Outbreak of Coronavirus/ covid-19]

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No. 107                                                                                   Date 20/03/20

The people of the locality are hereby informed that coronavirus has broken out all over the world. So our municipality wants to warn the people about the spread of the disease people are advised to stay at home and avoid crowd. Government will supply food and deposit money to the bank account. Covid-19 affected person should immediately be taken to the local hospital. Some helpline numbers have been activated to control the situation and help the people. If someone comes from other states and cities, people will inform local police station and panchayate pradhan. They are also advised to use musk and wash hand and face frequently.

People may contact the undersigned for further details, if required.

Signature with date

Helth officer municipality of english Bazer


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