The sentences which are used massively in English at the time of requesting and wanting something to somebody.

Write name of the thing in the blank place whatever you want.

The sentences are given below

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  1. Please give me your __________.
  2. Your ________ please.
  3. Allow me to have your ______ please.
  4. Excuse me, may I have your ________ please?
  5. Excuse me, may I take your ________ please?
  6. Excuse me, can I have your ________ please?
  7. Excuse me, can take your ______ please?
  8. Excuse me, would you mind giving me your______ please?
  9. Excuse me, will you please let me have your _______?
  10. Excuse me, will you please give me your ______?
  11. Excuse me, will you please lend me your ______?
  12. Will you please give me your__________ ?

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