Write a paragraph in about 200 words on “Swachh Bharat Aviyan” in English.


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Narendra Modi, the honorable prime minister of India had launched a noble campaign “The Swachh Bharat Aviyan” or cleaning India Mission on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on 2nd October in 2014. He inspires the countrymen to pick up brooms, pans, buckets, brushes, and sets about sweeping streets, parks, and other public places. At first, Narendra Modi himself had initiated the campaign by cleaning the road when the campaign was launched. In this campaign, he included nine famous celebrities.  It is the biggest cleanliness drive in India. At the time of launching it about 3 lack government employees and students from schools and colleges had participated in it. He requested common people to assemble in this campaign and upload the video, picture of cleanliness over the internet on the various social media websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. so that other people may inspire to do the same in their own area. In this way, India can be a clean country. The purpose of the campaign is to clean all over India. Every citizen should take a proactive role in participating and bringing change in our society.

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