Some contracted forms for Spoken English

I do not = I don’t                    

He does not = he doesn’t

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I did not = I didn’t                 

I am = I’m

I am not = I amn’t           

He is = He’s

He is not = He isn’t                

You are = You’re

You are not = You aren’t       

I was not = I wasn’t

You were not = you weren’t  

I have = I’ve 

I have not = I haven’t                     

He has = He’s

He has not = he hasn’t           

I had = I’d

I had not = I hadn’t                

I can not = I can’t

I could not = I couldn’t          

I shall not = I shan’t

I will = I’ll                             

I would = I’d

I would not = I wouldn’t        

I should = I’d

I should not = I shouldn’t             

I ought not = I oughtn’t

I must not = I mustn’t            

I dare not = I daren’t

I need not = I needn’t

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