Short paragraph on Tsunami

Write a short paragraph on Tsunami in about 220 words for Madhyamik

short paragraph on tsunami
short paragraph on tsunami


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Tsunami is a Japanese term. It means sea-monster. This monster has devastated a number of countries of the world several times in different ways. In recent times this natural disaster annihilated a great part of Japan.

At Indian time 11 a.m. on March 26, 2011, it appeared with all its furies in the northern part of Japan and tsunami dashed again in the coastal areas of Japan like a monster. Scientists say that this great mishap occurred as a result of sudden and frightful displacement and massive tremors of the Pacific-ocean plate and the Eurasian plate under the Pacific Ocean.

This quake recorded on the Richter scale was 0.9. As a consequence of this agitation, the tidal force flooded many multistoried buildings ports, ships, oil refineries, administrative factories, and many other buildings of different urban areas like Fukushima, Miagi, Sendai. According to official sources, the seawater rose up to 33feet and caused death to over a thousand people. As a result of this entire area of Japan’s panic and terror had spread in a moment.

It disrupted the total communication of north-Japan. The japans government army employed to tackle the situation. Rescue operation went on round the clock. Some disaster people took all sorts of arrangements were taken. Many countries around the globe including India and England extended the hands of co-operation to Japan.

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