Outbreak of Nipah Virus

I have presented a notice writing on the Outbreak of Nipah Virus for the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. At first, I have written the question. You will get on the question paper in the exam hall.

Outbreak of Nipah Virus

Suppose Nipah Virus has broken out in your locality. Now write a notice on behalf of the Health Office of your area to warn the people in general.

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[Outbreak of Nipah Virus]


Date: 12/010/2018

The people of the locality are hereby informed that Nipah Virus has broken out in the locality. So our Municipality wants to warn the people of the area about the spread of the disease. People are advised to keep the locality clean. They are also advised not to remain in touch with bat, pig, and duck. People are prohibited to eat various fruits bitten or scratched by a bat. Pork is prohibited to eat. A Nipah Virus patient should immediately be taken to the local Hospital.

People may contact the undersigned for further details if required.

(Signature with date)

Health Office                                    

Municipality of English Bazar

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