Example of First Conditional Sentences

First conditional sentences are used to express the real and possible situations in the future. It is possible to fulfill the condition.


The First conditional sentences are formed using the Present Indefinite Tense to tell something and the main clause is used according to the sense of the sentences.

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The structure for the first conditional is:

If + Present Tense, S + will/can/may/should/have to/has to+v1+o.

Rule: “If clause” is always present tense and the verb of the next sentence can be changed according to the sense of the sentence.

If you work hard, you will prosper in life.

You will prosper in life if you work hard.

More examples of first conditional sentences:

01. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we’ll go to the market.

02. If it rains tomorrow, I’ll be at home.

03. I would be very unhappy if my dad didn’t buy me a bike for my birthday.

04. If it’s sunny tomorrow, I can go play football.

05. If you come early, you can meet my mother.

06. If I study today, I will go to the party tomorrow.

07. I will buy concert tickets if I have enough money.

08. If the traffic is bad, it will be late.

09. If he does not study, he will fail the exam.

10. If I see him I will tell him.

11. If I go to Paris next month for work, I will tour the Eiffel Tower.

12. I will help you if I have time.

13. If you touch the wire you will get an electric shock.

14. If you take me to the mall, I’ll buy you an ice cream.

15. His parents will not be happy if he does not go to university.

16. If it rains we will cancel the trip.

17. If that candidate becomes president, the country will be in trouble.

18. If I win the competition, I will donate half of the prize money to the poor.

19. Your dad will be very sorry if you don’t win the scholarship.

20. If you have a pen, you can give it to me for a while.

21. If he does not hurry, he will delay.

22. If you lend him some money, he can buy medicine for his mother.

23. If you work hard, you will win rewards.

24. If you don’t go to school, you’ll be home all day.

25. If I win the competition, I will be rich.

26. You can reach on time if you walk fast.

27. I will not ride on your motorbike if you ride.

28. I can go to your house if you invite me.

29. If you take tea, I will buy biscuits.

30. If anybody helps me, I should say thank you.

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