It is not new news of catching fire in the forest of Amazon. It often happens daily. But the event on 26th August in 2019 shocked to the world. According to new data from the country’s Space Research Organization, the fire in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest reached a record high. This Amazon forest supplies about 20% oxygen of the world. So this forest is called lung of the earth. It has a significant role to decrease the global warming. Environmentalists has blamed the new president Bolsonaro for catching fire in the forest. While Bolsonaro was running for president, he promised to restore Brazil’s economy by exploring the economic potential of the Amazon Rainforest. According to environmentalists, Bolsonaro encouraged farmers and runners to put out fires. According to the scientists fire in the rain forest amazon will effect on the changing of calamity. Fire is not only a big cause of destruction of tree and but also emit Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Government has employed soldiers to put out fire. They are trying to control fire by spreading water from aeroplane. The polluted smoke of fire is mixing in the air of north America. In the bad days of Amazon the large countries of the world are moving on today. The atmosphere does not obey the laws of any country. As long as the lungs of the earth will remain active, the human being will be able.

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