Example of Third Conditional Sentences [30]

Third Conditional sentence expresses such as situations that can not exist. The actions and events that happened in the past. These are often used to indicate a missed opportunity. I have given 30 examples of third conditional sentences below.

Example of Third Conditional Sentences

The rules of third conditional sentences:

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These types of conditional sentences are formed using the Past Perfect Tense and the main clause is used according to the sense of the sentences


This kind of sentence expresses a hypothetical situation in past.

The structure for the third conditional is:

If +Past Perfect Tense, S +would/could/should +have+V3+O.


Had + S + V3, S +would/could/should +have+V3+O.

Example of third conditional sentences:

01. I would be happy if I got a gold medal.

02. If Sumit had met me last week, I would have given him the book.

03. If the weather was good, we would go to play cricket.

04. If you got up earlier, you would get the previous train.

05. If you walked fast, you wouldn’t miss the bus.

06. They would meet when Ram came on time.

07. If you asked him, he would help you.

08. If he had got her phone number, he could have called her for the party.

09. If you drive carefully, no accidents will happen.

10. If he went on a picnic, he would have a lot of fun.

11. I would have missed the plane if I had waited longer for you.

12. If Mary had been met, she would have gone to the office.

13. If he had been good at math, he would have gotten a higher score in the exams last week.

14. If I were a smart boy, I wouldn’t bother my mother.

15. If I got his address, I would send him an invitation.

16. If you called me I would help you.

17. If they had gone earlier, they would have arrived on time.

18. If I knew the answer, I would raise my hand.

19. If you had told me your problem, I could have helped you.

20. If you showed me the place, I would have purchased it.

21. If they threatened you, you could have informed me.

22. If he insulted you, you should have replied.

23. If you knew the matter, you should have told it.

24. If you lost your phone, you should have lodged an F.I.R.

25. I could have passed the exam if I had studied.

26. If he had studied, he would have passed the test.

27. If we had taken the subway, we would not have missed the plane.

28. If I had gone to bed before, I wouldn’t have gotten tired.

29. If I had followed the wishes of my parents, I would have become a lawyer.

30. If he had not eaten street food, he would not have felt sick.

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