Example of Second Conditional Sentences [30]

The second conditional sentence describes an unrealistic situation about the present or the future; an imaginary state that can only be fulfilled in theory. 30 examples of second conditional sentences have been given below.

Example of Second Conditional Sentences 30

The Second conditional sentences are formed using the Past Indefinite Tense and the main clause is used according to the sense of the sentences.

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The structure for the second conditional is:

If + Simple past, S + would/might/could + v1+o.


Were + S + ………, S + would/might/could+V1+o.


If + simple past tense / were

The verb of the next sentence can be changed according to the sense of the sentence.

Example of second conditional sentences:

01. If it rained, you would get wet.

02. You wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t go to sleep earlier.

03. If I had won the lottery I would have bought a bigger house

04. If I had a chance to talk to the Prime Minister, I would have informed him about this.

05. If he were rich, he would travel all over the world.

06. If he had ever studied, he would have passed the exam.

07. If I had his number I would call him.

08. If I were you, I wouldn’t go out with the guy.

09. If I had won the lottery, I would have traveled the world

10. If I knew his name, I would tell you.

11. I would go to a party if I didn’t have a headache.

12. If I were president, I would reduce the salaries of all politicians.

13. I would be happy if I had more free time.

14. We would have made a lot of money if we had sold our house.

15. I would be happy if I married Mary.

16. If Ram had become rich, he would have married her.

17. If you had asked him, he would have been able to do it.

18. If I were taller I could play basketball professionally.

19. If you studied, you would pass the exam.

20. I were a doctor if you were me.

21. If I knew the answer I would let you know.

22. If Sonali had time, she would have met her boyfriend.

23. If you learned to speak English, you would get this job.

24. If I had heard the news I would have warned you.

25. If he had not been ill, he would have gone to school.

26.If I were chairman I would introduce new and different ideas.

27. If I were you, you wouldn’t do it.

28. People would like you if you took part in the election.

29. If I were rich I would travel the world with you.

30. If I had an old mobile phone, I would let you use it.

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