Write a paragraph on “Dowry System” in about 150 words in English.


Dowry means money and properties are taken from the family of the bride by the husband when they marry. The Dowry system has been deeply rooted in our society it is disgrace to our social life. Earlier the custom of dowry was a way to support the girl in setting up a new home and new life. But now it has become almost compulsory. It is such as evil that it debates women’s honor and dignity in social life. Sometimes we noticed that many girls remain unmarried because their parents cannot give a good dowry. If the father of the bride is unable to give the remaining part of the dowry, she was tortured inhumanly by her husband and parents-in-law. In some cases, she was killed or driven to commit suicide. She was also sent back to her parents. Even they do not fear to catch fire to the living women. The husband remarries intending to get a good dowry. It is also seen that poor parents of a girl have to borrow money to give their daughter. Only women can remove it from our society. Besides Government and the various women organizations should come forward and campaign for the removal of the practice of dowry.

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