The use of capitalization in English


In English grammar, the use of capital letters in different places of English sentences is called capitalization.

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Use of capitalization in different cases:

1. At the beginning of English sentence

We should write the starting letter of the sentence in the capital letter if we want to write any English sentence.

For example:

The bird is flying in the blue sky.

Come here and sit down.

2. All proper nouns

We will write the first letter in the capital of proper nouns whenever we will find proper nouns in English sentences.

For example:

Vivekananda, Kolkata, English, Indian.

3. At the beginning of every line of a poem

Whenever we write any poem we always use capital letters at the starting of every line of a poem.

For example:

And miles to go before I sleep. 

And miles to go before I sleep.

4. Pronoun `I’ and interjection `O’

When we use the letters “I” as a pronoun and an “O” as an interjection in a sentence we should write those letters in the capital.

For example:

It is I who has broken the glass. 

You showed me but I could not understand.

O Rose thou art sick.

O Death! Where is the victory?  

5. For nouns and pronouns referring to God.

When we write the word “God” as a noun we use a capital letter of the word. If the word “God” refers to any pronoun, the first letter of the pronoun must be in the capital.

For example:

God always saves His children.

God has His mercy on us.

6. To write language, nations, days, months and festivals.

If we want to write the name of any language, nation, days, months, and festivals, we must have to write the first letter of those in the capital.

For example:

English, Bengali, Indian, Sunday, March, Durgapuja, Id.

7. Historical period or events.

We use capital letters when we mention and write any historical period or event in English sentences.

For example:

The Second World War, the Quit India movement.

8. The names of books, poems, stories, novels, plays

When we write any name of books, poems, stories, and plays we use capital letters.

For example:

The Gita, The cloud, The cherry tree, Heart of Darkness, The Bishop’s  Candle Sticks.

9. To write abbreviations

We write all letters in the capital at the time of abbreviation.

For example:

B.A, M.A, M.P,P.M

10. To write a direct speech

We use capital letters two times in a direct speech. Firstly we use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence. Secondly, we write the first letter of the inverted portion.

For example:

I said, “You are my best friend.” 

11. To address in the letter

We address our dear person at the time of letter writing. In this case, we should write a capital letter of the person whom we address.

For example:

My dear Mother/ Father/Brother etc

Dear Sri/ Madam

12. At the beginning  of every word in postal address 

We should write the capital letter at the starting of every word in the postal address when we will write a postal address on the envelope.

For example:

Mr. Ajay Dutta

S/o Mr. Bijay Dutta

PO: Mokdum pur, Malda- 732103

If you follow the above twelve rules at the time of writing English sentences, you can use the capitalization properly.

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