A Dialogue Between Two Friends Talking About The Student’s Joining in Politics

Write a dialogue between two friends talking about the student’s joining in politics.

Raktim: Vanu, where had you been for a week? I did not meet with you in the field.

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Vanu: Don’t you know that election is knocking at the door? I was busy campaigning for our candidate in the village.

Raktim: Have you joined in politics and doing work actively?

Vanu: Yes. I like politics.

Raktim: What’s about your studies? Are you not interested in higher studies?

Vanu: We are students. We should join active politics to become a successful leader.

Raktim: None can be a successful political leader without education. You must remember that people like educated leaders.

Vanu: I am interested in education. I will continue my studies.

Raktim: But politics will hamper your studies. It will kill your important time. Besides your attention will be misguided.

Vanu: You are quite right. I have not studied for a week. Please help me, I am now in a difficult situation.

Raktim: Detach yourself from politics.

Vanu: I promise you that I will away from politics.

Raktim: I hope you will keep your word.

Vanu: Of course. I must do it.

Raktim: Let’s go to the field.

Vanu: All right it is the best way to keep away from politics.


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