• Story must be written in past tense.
  • A title/heading will be written and all letters of the title or heading should be capitalized.
  • Use phrases and idioms such as once upon a time /one day/long long ago etc.
  • The starting of the story should be attractive so that the readers are interested to read the-whole story.
  • Dialogue or conversation can be used where required.
  • Introduce Characters.
  • Use the human pronouns such as I,WE,YOU,HE,SHE-etc for animals in the fables.
  • The story should be meaningful.
  • Follow sequence.
  • The story will be in a single paragraph.
  • A message or moral should be given.


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Long long ago a farmer lived in a certain village. He was very intelligent by nature. But his sons were very idled away precious time in gossiping and playing. They practically did nothing good. They made the farmer unhappy. One day he fell seriously ill and thought his death was near. He thought out a plan and sent for his sons and said,’ my sons, my journey is over. Listen to what I say, I have buried all my treasure somewhere under the ground. Plough the land to find it out.” After his death, the sons ploughed the land thoroughly, but they found the treasure nowhere. But they understood what their father wanted to teach them. They prepared the land, sowed seed, and got a good harvest in time.

Moral: Sincere efforts are always rewarded.

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